Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Twist on Modesty and Beauty

So, I ran across this verse in my quiet time and my mind started racing and I just kept thinking of it and what it meant. i thought of it in a way I never thought about it before, really. So, I have decided to share it with you all.

1 Peter 3:3-4
3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Lies from the world - You must have the latest haircut, shoes, and jewelry. You have to be skinny and wear the best make-up. Who you are isn't. good enough. You need to bump it up and bring attention to yourself.
The world teaches us to wear more attractive (Possibly less modest) clothing. The world teaches us to always think about what others are going to think when they watch us. We want to look amazing. Sometimes we want to look like the image of that image of a perfect girl that Satan has set out for us to look up to and want to be. The world says to focus on yourself so that others will pay attention. The world tells us that the more we "perfect" ourselves the happier we will be, yet the world is constantly setting higher standards. Unable to meet these standards and make ourselves look good to the world around us (or that certain boy) we get beaten down. We get down on ourselves thinking we aren't good enough. Hence, crash diets, less modest clothing or attitude, eating disorders, etc. The world teaches us self worship. Satan sets out all these lies and traps to make us think all these things.
The bible says in 1 Peter 3:4
4 "Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight"
- Th world doesn't show us this. The world shows us in television and books this girl who is kind and sweet, but she is the school nerd or the quiet shy girl who doesn't have the latest fashion-forward outfit or attitude. No one gets to know her until she changes clothes and gets a certain attitude causing people to notice her. The world is always focusing on what you look like and how you portray yourself. Whenever we think,"How can I improve myself?"it turns into,"How can I improve myself in the sight of others?" Our mind doesn't always zoom to ask,"How can I improve myself in the sight of God." (At least I know mine doesn't always)
Are we thinking of who God wants us to be when we say that certain word in private or when we think a certain thought we shouldn't?
1 Peter 3:5
.5 "This is how the holy women of the past used to make themselves beautiful."
- In scripture it says holy women of the past did this. They focused on their inner selves. the holy women of the PAST. The standards Peter mentioned in this scripture are not limited to any particular time or culture. The same standards God had so many years ago was still the same then and remains that way today.
 John 1:1
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
- He calls us to be gentle and quiet spirits. This is true beauty in God's eyes.Are we constantly striving towards this or are we letting the world take our minds away from this.
Often we get too focused on what the world thinks. We get too proud if the world thinks good of us, if not we get down on ourselves. But self-loathing is still self-worship because you are still focusing on yourself and you have the center of your attention. The world teaches us to do all of these things out of selfish ambition.and for selfish gain. Scripture says in Philippians 2:3 :
3 "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,"
-For Christians this is a required mind-set for unity with brothers and sisters in Christ. This verse encourages that we have the right attitude towards ourselves and others. Not that we should consider others in higher ranking than ourselves, but that Christian love sees others as worthy of preferential treatment.
God called us to be humble.
Humble- Not arrogant, The absence of pride. Modest.
1 Timothy 2:9-10
9 I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10 but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.
-Before we can dress modestly we have to think modestly.
"Is this outfit honoring and helping my brothers in Christ?" "Is it encouraging them to think pure thoughts?"
Romans 14:13
13 Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister.
Philippians 4:8
8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
- Dressing immodestly creates an obstacle for our brothers in Christ to fall into. When God's word is encouraging them to think what is pure and lovely are we trying to make them fall?
Modesty begins in our minds and is shown through our actions. just like it says in 1 Timothy 2:9
Thinking modestly asks,"Am I dressing to draw attention to myself?"

1 Timothy 2:9 gives examples such as braided hair, gold , pearls, and expensive clothing.
These things were extremely luxurious and were considered a proud personal display. Do we dress up to display ourselves and draw attention to ourselves?God has not called us to be proud and showy, but we should "clothe" ourselves in actions that profess that we worship God and He lives in us.
We should be noticed for being different from the world and not noticed for ourselves, but for Him who lives in us.
2 Corinthians 4:6
6 For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.
- God put us here on this earth for His glorification. He gave us a manual to life: The Bible We are to shine His light and when His light shines through our lives and we let Him live in us we are the truly beautiful women God sees. He sent His Son to die so that we could have the opportunity to accept Him and to have eternal life and to have the opportunity to ask His forgiveness. When we ask His forgiveness every sin is forgotten and lost in His grace and mercy so he doesn't see that sin.
Grace- And undeserved favor or gift. The undeserved kindness that God gives us.
Mercy- Kindness and forgiveness, especially when given to someone who doesn't deserve it.
"Mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve and grace is God giving us what we don't deserve." -I don't know the author

So, that's what's been on my mind lately.
Thanks to my mom for her editing and thanks to my study bible for very interesting info.
Most of all a big thanks to God for opening my mind and heart :)
Comments are highly appreciated!

Til next time,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's been going on

This Thanksgiving I did not cook the turkey. Thank goodness!! I've come to the conclusion that I'm just too squeamish. So, I took over desserts. Way more my speed. My dad fried turkeys this year. AND we finally have a pick on daddy quote!
*Right after dad brings in a fried turkey*
Me-"Wow. It smells like chick-fil-a in here!"
Dad-"Gee, I wonder why that is. ."
Me-"Yeah, I--"
Dad-"You know, turkeys and chickens aren't farly disrelated."

Really now, Daddy?

The turkeys (That aren't farly disrelated from chickens) were very good. Specifically fresh out of the fryer.  Ahh yes. Turkey is grand.

I took charge of desserts this year. My little sister Miranda helped me. We were in the kitchen from 9:30 til 2:00. We made some no bake cookies (Which still didn't dry right for me. I can't seem to master those.), Sugar free peanut butter cookies, and sugar free pumpkin pie. We got mostly good reviews. I don't think the peanut butter cookies were very grand, but I suppose they were edible.

I have also been working on beading and duct tape crafts to raise money for my mission trip to Brazil this summer. Here is some of what I am working on:

                                   Duct tape wallet
                                             Duct tape bow
                                                   Duct tape purse
                                             Breast cancer awareness bracelet
                                             Purple earrings with dangling leaves.
                                           Beaded ring

To see more of my crafts for ideas or to purchase I have a page on facebook! Get on facebook and search "Frugal fritzels" And like my page :)

I'm also working on making things with clay! It's pretty dawg on fun!

It's been so eventful i can rarely post anymore, but I hope I can post again soon!

Good day to ya!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Brothers

Brent- "Umm, Vivian. Since I didn't get you a present on your birthday I made you one now."
Me- "Um, okay. Haha."

                                                     Brent- "It's a picture holder thingy!"

                                                   Gotta love little brothers :) Hahaha


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You know how we returned the turtles? Yeah, well just guess who released them after we told her we were looking for some??? The teacher! She let them go. I am so mad! I am brainsick, crazy, demented, disturbed, mad, sick, unbalanced, and quite nearly unhinged. I feel harebrained and insane. My emotions have been in disarray, overturned, tipped over, turned over, upset, knocked over, bowled over, and tumped over. She has crushed, squelched, mashed, squeezed,trounced, vanquished, and demolished my delicate, fragile, and frail heart. That is all.

unfeignedly yours,

One of the most frequent users of

Friday, October 7, 2011

So, I happened to accidentally hit some button on my computer causing me to follow myself. Now I feel unnecessarily lame. I AM one of my ten followers. I don't know how to undo it. Seriously. This is not very funny.

I went to spend the night with my cousin this past Monday :) I had a super fun time! But, alas, when I came back to my abode my turtles were missing!!!! :'( 'Twas tragic! I had just learned sign language for turtle and I was exuberant! I was going to show the turtles! No matter that they would be totally clueless! I would know what I meant and it would be like I could communicate with them. And now I sound like one of those geeks who is preparing for an alien invasion or something. . .

ANYWAYS, turns out my father took my precious little turtles back to the teacher. . It's October! Maybe she didn't really want them back. . She wasn't asking for them or anything. . *sniff* I didn't even get to say goodbye! Okay. . . :'( Enough with sadness. .

The sign for turtle is adorable so I took a video for you. . . Except for the video is hiding. Take two!

 Please excuse my pajamas. It's too early for real clothes.

Well, I am preparing for a debate and must go.

Until next time (If I survive)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's post

I don't really have much to say today. . Um. yeah. So, I'm really tired. But anyways.
I just finished reading 3:16 by Max Lucado. I gotta say, it was pretty amazing. He went through the verse John 3:16 word by word. Now, normally this verse is pretty amazing right? You can read it in such an amazing way through this book. It was soo good. I especially liked the way he painted pictures with words. . like, I don't know how to explain it, but it was good. Very good. I definitely suggest you read it.
Yeah, sorry for the short blog post I just can't seem to think. Haha anyways. .
Yepp, I'll talk to you guys later!

Vivian the Zombie

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just kidding! I'm not done posting for today!!

Me- My legs are smooth like a baby's behind!
Mom- My legs are hairy like a new baby monkey's behind!

Yes, I do live with the crazies.

Fun product name of the day - Anti monkey butt powder

I refuse to explain that one.
Okay, now I'm gone.

Later gater,
Wow. It has been so busy.  I've been babysitting a lot. I love my kiddos :) It doesn't get much better than one kid starting up a hymn and everyone joining in and finishing together. The children we watch are just too precious :) Haha.

I had a glucose tolerance test done this week. This is the oh so fun test where you fast for 8 hours and then they stab you with a needle and suck the life out of you and you almost throw up and pass out and bite a whole in your thumb all at the same time and then they give you 5 minute to drink 8oz a super sugary drink that tastes like the juice at the bottom of those cherry popsicles that come in the bag and after that you get a sugar high like you wouldn't believe (If you are like me you also see stars and get a headache) THEN you sit and wait bouncing in your chair for two hours until the lady calls you back in to suck the life out of you again and then you almost pass out and throw up and bite a hole in your thumb AGAIN, but this time there's a boy and his mom watching you. Then, the nurse puts a bandage on your arms so tight that it cuts your circulation off and your forearm turns purple. (I took this as a sign that the work out I did two weeks ago before I smashed my foot in a door *COUGH* I mean I got attacked by wolves. . really did work and my muscles were just busting out of that bandage.) Yep, so that's what a glucose tolerance test consists of. Oh! And then they eventually call back with your results telling you everything is perfect and it was all for nothing. Grand right?  I thought so.

So, I've been hinting at my boyfriend to take me to Mama Mia's Pizzaria for a couple months now and he finally decided that he should take me there. So, he went to take me there and it was GONE. I know. Tragic right?? So, instead we go to Skimo's. That will not ever happen again. Their pizza was like a slab of grease with 5 pepperonis. Our new mission: Locate Mama Mia's ASAP. They moved to Collierville!! Noooooooo! So, Curtis tried to suprise me by taking me there. The suprise aspect failed, but that doesn't suprise me. :) So, props to Mama Mia's. This is the girl who is not fond of pizza saying she LOVES your pizza. With a floppy purple passion. I encourage you to go there. You will not be disappointed.

I recently discovered what a comfort it is to know you have a God who loves and protects you and how wonderful it is to know that you have a brother or sister in Christ praying for you. Not that I didn't know already, but it's really been on my mind. So, If you have any prayer request, any at all, please let me know. Even an unspoken. No prayer request is too small. So, yeah. I just wanted to offer to pray for my readers (If there are any. . lol O.o)

Well, all I had was a piece of cheese for breakfast so it's getting to be my lunch time.

I bid you farewell,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Princess tea parties aren't me. .

So, this past Sunday we had a birthday party for my little sister who turned ten. What little girl DOESN'T want a princess tea party?! So, we princess tea partied. This is the princess Miranda "from Mirandaland where everything goes slowwwwwwww."

The pretty princesses acting like princesses.

 The royal spread with Prince Wannabe's hand in it. (My brother.)

The cake that I was pretty sure I would shoot before I actually finished it. Icing and I do NOT get along. Things kept exploding in my hands. My hands were multi colored with food coloring and sprinkles that had melted while clinched in my angry fist. It was really quite enjoyable to rip the legs off a barbie doll.

Queen Mom from the land of Icangroundyoufortherestofyourlife says this is her best picture of a kid blowing out candles she has ever gotten. You are looking at a masterpiece. Be in awe.

Opening the royal treasures. All the princesses are behaving in a very ladylike manner after attempting to start a riot for cake to be served.
I am glad to say that this party was a success. A hard earned success. :)

Now, this weekend was also my boyfriend's birthday. He turned 20. His birthday gift consisted of a nerf gun, Disney Cars erasers, First aid kit, and super hero band-aids.

Needless to say he was pretty dawg on excited. This picture is only a small glimpse of his excitement.

AND simply for a good giggle I am posting this picture of my uncles. Asleep on the couch. They look like mountainmen. Bless their hearts.

That's all for today.
I bid you farewell,
Princess Vivian of Ranchland *with heavy country accent*
(I had nothing better alright?)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Congratulations! It's a. . .

So, I just went to edit my account and my gender was set as "not specified" . . So, just for the record. . It's a girl!!

World Changers

Hey, sorry it's been so long since my last post! Things have been crazy!! We had VBS one week and worked at a camp the next and then fourth of July weekend. Busy busy busy. .
Now, in my last post I promised more about my mission trip and now (finally) I come bearing more!
I only have notes from the second night and somethings have faded so please bear with me. . I'll share as much as occurs to me at this time. . i tried journaling while I was there, but there was never time. Hahah. 
My crew that week was amazing. We were actually paired up with another group that was awesome as well. Our crew name was the Shingle Bells. . . Needless to say there was a lame parody to Jingle Bells going on. . :P
We worked on a man's roof. He had four layers of shingles. All different colors. . Black green, red, white I think. . Yeah. Shingles are heavy. Super heavy. I was clean up. I don't get on roofs. . So, I liften many many shingles while cleaning up. I got some MONSTER muscles now ; )
The man whose house we worked on was awesome. He was so thankful. And not just thankful. He got up on the roof and helped work. The first day I didn't even know he was the home owner. I thought he was just another worker. And a great worker at that. He was a Brother in Christ and he was just so awesome to work with. He was so selfless about everything. I can't even really describe it. .
We also had a crew encourager who was awesome. She wasn't over peppy and fake. You could tell she had a heart for Christ. She was very honest. She was tired and hot (as were we all) , but she just had this happy giving spirit about it. She was so awesome.
Our crew leader was a very sweet man. He was such a hard worker and good instructor.
A lot of my time in the week I was thinking about me. . What do people think about me? Am I thinking too much about me? Um. Duh.
Later that week the pastor called a family up to the front before service. This family had been working with us all week. Big family. Some Extended family, even the baby. (Who was absolutely ADORABLE) They all came to work with us that week. What I didn't realize was that my crew leader was part of this family. Not only did they come and give their time, but our crew leader's uncle (I think) was very very sick. . So sick that they didn't know if he was going to make it. . And the family came to work anyways. . But they didn't just come work. they came with happy hearts. Worked hard. Loved a lot. They didn't complain.
They were so selfless. I was just in awe. This family was just so amazing and full of love. That was God totally opening my eyes and revealing my selficenteredness (Is that a word? Well, it is now.) 
That was the biggest thing I learned . . Just how often I/we think of ourselves.
I am so thank ful for my crew that I had and the staff and family that gave their time to be there to minister.
You can be a World Changer
Shining a light for those in danger
Sharing the love of our Lord and Savior
You can change the world
You can change the world

The school we stayed at was super nice. The boys were on the second floor and girls were on the third. No elevators. It was too risky because there could be no purple.
Boy(blue) + Girls(pink) = Purple
So, not only do us shingle bells have MONSTER arm muscles, but us lovely ladies have fantabulistic legs.
Soreness was kind of unavoidable. . I know my friends and I went up and down those steps around 10 times a day probably. .
Oh, and the kitchen staff was AMAZING. They made this chocolate cake that was incredible. . Chocolate cake with creamy chocolate icing and white chocolate drizzled over and white and milk chocolate  shavings on top. Wow. Oh wow.
They also made these HUGE double cheeseburgers. . My friend Isaac ate 1 and 3/4s burgers. Insane.

I'm watching hoarders. . They are fixing to put this dog to sleep(And not the gonna wake up soon asleep). . So sad. So so sad.  It's her son's favorite. . Aww. . no. .
I gotta go. . It can't get sad and depressing on here. .

Til next time,

Until next time,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This past week

Hi! Long time no see!!
So, I went on a Mission trip. I was not planning on going, but I was praying about it anyways. . If I were to have the opportunity to go would I choose to? Maybe I would go next year. This year was just not my year. I didn't have the finances to go and convinced myself I didn't want to go anyways. Even after I decided all this it was still really on my mind and I continued to pray about it if I got the opportunity to go next year. . Time went on until a couple weeks before the trip someone backed out and left money for someone else to go and I was invited. I was excited. It hit me that I really wanted to go. . Maybe there was a reason I couldn't get the trip off my mind. . I prayed about it that night and also got a verse. . . . You see, I was not wanting to go because the year before I was convinced I was useless and it was pointless for me to go cuz I couldn't do anything because I was a girl and I didn't know how. Now I realize how dumb that was. My verse was

1 Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

What I can do through God has absolutely nothing to do with my age, gender, or knowledge.
It has to do with my heart and my willingness to be used by Him. By convincing myself that I am not able to do something for such a dumb reason is keeping Him from using me.

So, I went on the trip. . It was very amazing and I have so much more to share. . Next time.
For now I am going to help my mother make nothing for VBS props. I've never made a bunch of nothingness. . . So, here goes nothing! HA!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

:) Yay for today!

I have 8 followers today! What joy! This makes me so happy I could cry! (I am prone to overreaction. .)
I've been watching the turtleses today. Turtles are not too bright. . My turtle (The one I named) ,Germs, was sitting on a rock all afternoon. All of a sudden I hear a loud *BUMP* in the little "turtle box" and I look in there and my turtle has knocked herself off the rock and fell elly up in the water.
DUM DUM DUH DUM!!! Vivi! Tooo the rescuuuuuueeee!!!!
I left my books in disarray and dashed towards the box with such speed and agility I never imagined I had!! I quickly removed the lid, embraced the turtle with my pointer finger and thumb, lifted her with the strength of 10 ants, and plopped her back into her poop infested water (Time for a refill).
(I just burped for those of you who want a play by play of my time. I rate that one a 5. Not my best work.)
Did you know that a nutria is like a giant rat? They also swim. Facts from Billy the Exterminator. Whenever I add "inator" to the end of exterminator I feel like Doctor Doofenshmirtz. "The non-inator inator!!!"
Gotta love Phineas and Ferb. You should watch that. If you don't already. Which you should.
I hate when I get something sticky on my fingers and I get it all over stuff. My phone for example. It got quite sticky. I feel like a two year old. . Ahh the strange substances I have gotten on my phone the past 2 years I've had it. . Slobber (Which I also got in my ear. Very pleasant.) , Macaroni, prechewed macaroni. . That was a fun one. . Bar-b-que sauce. . Pancake mix. . . Blood (GAG). . . baby poop. .  baby spit up. . Toothpaste. . glue. . . Glitter (Which is indestructible by the way. It cannot be destroyed. Only transferred.)
Yepp, It's been funn! Thank you for being my follower :) You are so great!
Thanks for reading!
Need a tough phone? Pantech Matrix. It can survive ANYTHING.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's post

Well, I had an excellent Memorial day and I hope that you did as well!
I'm watching Billy the Exterminator. Great. Show. I just saw an armadillo blowing snot bubbles. It really is a delightful show other than some of the nasty. Billy is quite the character. I adore him.
Well, I have sprained my wrist. So, I thought i'd tell you how I did this. You see, I am in highschool. I graduate in 2 years. I'm gonna need a career or something to major in correct? Correct. Well, I like animals. I usually delight in their presence. I like gorillas. I thought they looked cute. I took an internship at a Gorilla rehab center. For damaged and recooperating gorillas ya know? So, I went to help out for an afternoon. Cuz I wanted to be a gorilla hero when I grow up!! :) So I get there and there's this gorilla with an infected eye. . We were gonna fix him. No biggy right? Well, this gorilla was a BIGGY. He also did not like having his eye messed with. Well, if you can't see where this is going. .  Gorilla got angry and busted the bulletproof glass I was standing behind to observe. All I had to protect myself was a ruberband, a dirty gym sock, and a telephone. Now, me and my quick witted self grabbed the gym sock and the rubberband and created makeshift hand cuffs to cuff this critter. While he lifted me up by the ankle I managed to swing myself onto his shoulders and grab him by the arms. All was well, I had him in the perfect position when the dad gum phone rang and he went even more berzerk! I was launched across the room but used my balancing skills to scale the wall and kick him in the head and knock him out and I managed to escape all that with only a sprained wrist. I don't wana be a hero to any gorilla. . . so that's what happened to my wrist. .  Or maye I just tripped over a bottle of sunscreen. .  But you know. . How likely is a story like that one. Definitely unbelievable. .  Thanks for reading.
Cherish your advil. It's a miracle.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"It stinks so bad in here I can taste it!"

My subject today. . . . . . Stinky teenage boys.
The stench. It's unreal. The words "stink" and "stench" don't even cover it. Especially when they all come in herds. They dash by and it's like a STANK cloud. *FWOOSH* *STANK* it's like an age. . I mean I know older boys can stink, but the younger ones. . . Like 11-14. . . Wow. I cannot fathom how any teacher could teach them at that age. . I WOULD NOT encourage hand raising. . I think at that age they should be confined. . Like a biohazard facility or SOMETHING. They don't not stink for 10 minutes after they get out of the shower. And sometimes even AFTER they shower they smell like wet dog. . How in the world did us girls see through the stink to find any of them cute when we were that age?!? I just. . wow. Oh the stink. And I'm trapped here with two if them today. They went to a three hour work out and have been outside playing basketball ever since except the point where they cam in to eat and they come in and get a drink every now and again. I have the unfortunate pleasure of being right in the path as the dash through. *FWOOSH* "Hey Vee!" *COUGH GAG CHOKE* "Bye! Please leave!"
I mean I know girls can stink. Really. I do. But I think the difference is girls know when they stink and they fix it. These boys are not aware. For example, One of them just walked in and said "I do not stink!" And earlier they said they couldn't smell a thing.. We could definitely smell something. Something worse than dead critter stank.
I wish I were as immune to their stink as they are. It's not like they don't wear deodorant. I've been there when they put it one! They use spray and the stick. It smells so strong you get a headache, but if they move continuously or in any brisk manner *BOOM* It's worse than the stink bomb my genius brother set IN HIS OWN BEDROOM one time. I mean stink bombs stink, but it's a totally different stink than the stink of boy. And when they take their shoes off. . . RUN. Well, I opened up the door. Things are airing out. I can't taste the stink so much any more. Showers WILL be taken in the very very near future. Thank goodness for air freshener.
Thank you for reading. Be safe. Don't sniff teen boys.
Til next time (If I survive)
Vivian, The girl who lives in the zoo. .

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello wonderful people!

I haven't been on here for a while. Hope you haven't missed me to much. .  :)
We got turtles to keep for the summer. They are so cute. There's a boy and a girl. In that little cage. . All alone. Someone suggested the possibilities of something happening. . . So I made this face. .

Pretty cute huh? . . . No. Not really. Anyways. I made this face and then I made up this little song to the tune of the Barney "I love you" song or "This old man" Whichever you prefer.

So, here goes.
I Love turtles
Turtles are great,
But I hope they do not mate. .
Cuuuz if they doo I juust Miight Faaaaaint
That's why I hope the turtles don't mate!

I've always wanted turtles. . My back up plan for if I never get married used to be that I would have aturtle farm. . Now I just wana be the turtle lady if I must go unmarried. Cuz I don't really like cats enough to become the cat lady. . They scare me. I can't live in fear. Now, Who wants to see the turtles!!!???

 This is the boy. Germs. I named him!! Isn't he just precious?!
 The one on the right is the girl. Squirt! She's so cute!
Turtles!!!!! Don't ya just love em?! They are so great!

Here's some quotes from yesterday. .

So the kids were watching the weather and you know how there's all the colors for the storms on TV? Well Brent was looking at those and then he went to look out the window where it was storming and kinda turning greenish yellow and he says,"We must be in the yellow spot like on TV!"

 I tripped over a box and hit my toe and it hurt and I was breathing really loud and dad shouts from the other room and says,"Who's giving birth??"
Thanks Dad.

 So I tripped and fell and was in the floor hurting and couldn't get up. My brothers come and look at me. Chad says,"Vivian's hurt. Hahahahahahah!"
Miranda comes running in and says,"Don't stand there! Do something!" And then she just stands and stares at me. So helpful.

 We're in my room and Miranda is reading one of my notebooks and she says,"Wow. You write a lot."
Me- "It's not that much once you get used to it. .  But you may not become as big of a writer as me. ."
Miranda- "Yeah. .  I won't become as big a tripper as you either."

The support I get in this house is great. Really. That's all I've got today!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Mothers' day give away! Yes, I am aware I'm late.

It's been quite a while since I posted on here.
We got my mom a dishwasher for mothers' day. It was a suprise so we had to get her out of the house so I got her out shopping for groceries and a movie. She was not in the grandest of moods. We were driving around in the hotmobile. (AKA the van with windows that don't roll down and no air conditioning.) So once we got done at the grocery store I texted my dad to ask him if getting a movie was long enough time for him to get the dishwasher installed. He said to take her time. OK. All is well. Until mom decides she wants to go home to put the groceries away and look to see where a redbox is. In my feeble attempt to keep her from going home I ask her,"Why didn't you do that earlier?"

Don't ever do that.

I thought she was going to kill me. So we went home. We were home for about 15 minutes and she didn't notice it. So we left to get the movie. When we come back we start preparing for supper. She still doesn't notice. But she doesn't normally inspect the dishwasher either. Finally my dad asks," Honey, could you look in the dishwasher for my ig spatula?" Mom says,"Which spatula?" Dad says,". . . the big one." Mom sighs. Turns around grabs the dishwasher handle and says,"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Yes she was suprised. Although she would normally yell at the dishwasher. . She usually yells at it or fusses at it when se uses it. . Like when the wheel falls off or it doesn't actually clean the dishes like dishwashers are supposed to or the shelf gets stuck.. But that will happen no longer. We have a wonderful WORKING dishwasher now. She loves it.

I believe she had a wonderful mohers' day! Thank you mommy for being such a wonderful mommy! You deserved the dishwasher. I think every day should be mommy's day.Haha yepp.

Mothers' day quote- "Stop making the cow poop in the car!"

So now in honor of mothers' day I am doing a post-Mothers' day giveaway because I didn't have time to do anything before. My bad. . Anyways here's how you can win something or your mom or if you are a mom you can win something for yourself! All you have to do is post your favorite flower or your mommy's favorite flower and be the first to post it on here and you can win a bracelet or keychain for your mom!
This offer ends Wednesday may 11. At 11:00 am.
Ready? Set? Go!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hi, I have a suggestion for you. If you like to read. And you like romantic comedies read The Lauren Holbrook series By Erynn Mangum. AAAAmazing :) I giggled and cackled the whole way through. And I do mean the whole way.

My sister comes home today with her homework. She has something for my mom to look at.
Miranda- I have something for you to look at.
Mom- Ok, come here.
*Mom looks at the computer trying to figure out someting*
Miranda- Um, Mom.
Mom- Yeah, one sec.
Miranda- Stay on task Mommy!

She almost lost her living privileges.

*Listening to wonderpets* Yes, we live with Dora,  Diego, Wonderpets, and Dragon tales constantly playing. The wonder pets' song sticks like a booger you can't pick. That quote is not mine. I just heard it today. I think it was actually on someone elses blog that my mother reads. Either way, I love it and it will forever live in my quote book.
Miranda- Vivian's Lenni, Mommy's Tuck, and I'm Ming- Ming!
Mom- Um, No thanks.
Me-  Are you calling me a pig?
Miranda- No! A guinea pig!
Me- *Faking sad face* It's still a pig. .
Mom- Ooooh. .
Miranda- No! You're a. . . . SKINNY PIG!!!!

My icecubes almost came out my eyeballs I laughed so hard!
I had ice cubes in my mouth by the way. I forgot to mention that. I don't just normally shoot ice cubes out my eyes like an ice princess. Although I like to seem ice princess-ey very frequently.

Today is my friend Isaac's birthday. I sent my ninjas to give him his beatings. He should be learning to drive soon. . Clear the roads!!!!!!

That is all. Be good. Be safe. And eat the green chips out of the bottom of the potato chip bag :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Bieber (That's how you spell it right?)

So, today is Justin Bieber's birthday. .I've been thinking. (Yeah I know. . Red flag. Don't think Vivian!) All along I have despised Justin Bieber. He just never caught on for me. I had a friend ask me why I despised him. . My mind went blank. Well, he does give me the heeby jeebies. (Idk how to spell that) But I have no reason to not like him at all as a person. I mean, sheesh. I don't even know him.
There was a superbowl commercial he was in. . It totally bashed him. He won a little of my respect for being in a commercial like that. It says a lot that he can laugh along with what's been said about him.
Someone said he used to sing in church and that's how he was dicovered. I wonder. . I mean TRULY wonder if everyone had left him alone where he would be now. He could be a young christian singer.
He could be a perfectly nice guy . . I guess what I'm saying is that I should not  have judged a book by it's cover (which I do at the library as well. . I can't help it.)
I'm not saying I'm now a fan. I'm NOT. I don't think he's particularly cute and I don't like his voice or his songs. Not even "Pray". I don't think it should be up to Justin Bieber to show us that it's not right that people are starving and homeless and hurting. It's all in God's word. Why's it take Justin Bieber to get everyone's attention?
I don't like his music because it makes girls seem like pieces of meat that we aren't. What's that song he sings to a girl in every concert? The one about no more lonely girls? Yeah, it's not particularly special to be chosen for that. It's routine.
I don't know if his music or his image is a true reflection of who he is and I guess I shouldn't judge by that. So, today I have given up despising Justin Bieber. Emma, if you read this, it does not mean I love and adore him as you do :) And I won't listen to his music willingly. I suppose in a round about way I am apologizing to the image of Justin Bieber in my head that I have been so rude to. . . Hah. I'll give the little guy a break.

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I'm so pathetic.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Birthday Bieber. . .


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good pudding

My phrase for the day is "The proof is in the pudding". I found it in my quote book. Yes, I have a quote book. I have a book for everything. Anyways, this little phrase got stuck in my head. I never really thought over the meaning. I just thought it was cute because it had the word pudding in it. .  Note to self: Think about stuff like this phrase before you mindlessly write it in your notebook. It's best to think of the meaning before you consider it a favorite.
So, here I am now, actually thinking about this little phrase. To me it sounds like we may look like something you want to be (aka the pudding) on the outside, but on the inside we're someone totally different.(Like the proof in the pudding) We may look like fantastic pudding to everyone else, but when everyone gets to the inside are we chunky and gross? Are we just wearing a mask to cover up who we are? I want to strive to be the pudding God wants me to be. Outside AND in. I heard these song lyrics, "Who you are is not what you do". Do we just play along as if we're someone we're not or do we act with honesty and a true heart after God? I want my proof IN the pudding as well. I don't want to just look good. I want to strive to be good pudding. Those are my thoughts. Sorry if this was strangely cannibalistic.

Quotes from my sister dearest:
 *Reading a bible verse*
Miranda- An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips Proverbs 24:26 *makes funny face* Ew. . Why not a kiss on the cheek or hand?
Me- Miranda, it's supposed to be a good thing!
Miranda- Well, that's gross. They should make the bible more kid friendly.

Haha I love her.

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spaghettios and hotdogs

Hi, I'm eating spaghettios and hotdogs because my spaghettios lack meatballs. I love spaghettio meatballs. They should just can those. Forget the spaghettios.

I beat my brother in HORSE yesterday. The basketball game. Not the make believe kid game.

So, I made these black bean brownies. . You have to puree the black beans. That is repulsive. And the noise it makes when you pour it out of the container. . . Ugh! BUT, it turned out very good. I put half sugar and half sugar substitute. Not as fudgy as last time though. . I'm think I'll add applesauce. . And lower the cooking time so it's less cakey. . The middle is the best part in this one, so naturally the middle piece was cut out first. I did that because I was home alone and no one was there to stop me. . :) I can be so naughty at times. .

I had a weird dream last night that I was looking for a dress to wear to church Sunday. .  Well, the place we went to had no mirrors and my mom couldn't come so I had to depend on the opinion of my Dad and brother (You can see where I'm headed eh?)  because I couldn't see myself. . Well, after tryin on multiple dresses they chose one. . We get to church and I go find a mirror. . Bad news. I ended up in a knee length dress with sequins at the top and the bottom exploded with HUGE purple feathers. . And it had wings! Thank goodness I woke up.

I think this all came from the whole fiasco of me getting my prom dress. . You see, I went to try them on the night before the day of half price sales so that I could choose and my mom could get them in the morning. I went to my babysitting job the next morning and my mom went to get the dresses. . She texts me and tell me the dresses I chose weren't there, but she got something else. . I asked what she got. She said pink, sequins and fluff. Three things I DO NOT do. Needless to say I'm scared sillier than usual. I get home that night and Chad bring me the bag. . It's the two dresses I chose. THIS WAS A PRANK. Turns out that my brother had texted me all that and my mother and boyfriend played along. NOT FUNNY. Traitors. .

Well, I need to go brush my teeth. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Long time no see!
So we just had Valentine's day. .
I don't particularly have an immense liking for this day of the year. . I know a lot of people don't like it, but for me I don't dislike it because it's "single awareness". It's because so many singles are OVERLY aware. It turns into the day of 'Why don't I have a Valentine?' and 'I hate being alone.' That's what gets me about this day. You're not alone. God is always there. You don't need a signifigant other to  be complete. Not on Valentine's day or any other day. Lots of time single-ness is seen as something like a punishment. . Single-ness is a gift! There's so much more you can do when you're single. You can go on foreign missions and not have a signifigant other back home to worry about. You can focus on God more and not have so much of the other person occupying your mind and distracting you. Why should your life be consumed with looking for 'the one' when God is The One and Only One. Everything else will fade away when you pass. He's going to be there, always. God didn't give you life to devote it to searching for your true love in this life. He gave you this life so he could show how much He loves you. He wants your whole heart. He can't have your whole heart if you are clinging to things that are or things that could have been or have been. Don't give your heart to anyone but Him. He'll take care of it better than anyone.And when you do meet the person He has planned for you to spend the rest of your life with you become one heart yearning to live for and please Him together.
Valentine's day and every other day should be focused on Him. God sending His son to die on  the cross was Him coming to us and asking us to be His ETERNALLY. That is His gift to us. The gift to choose to be His because a gift that's demanded is no gift at all. It's a gift of love.
You know what this means? Every Valentine's day is a HAPPY Valentine's day.

This is not my video. No copyright intended.
Beloved- Love song from God.
". . Death shall not part us. It's you I died for. ."

Have a great day.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Trying again. . . . Again.

I'm gonna try this giveaway thing again. Hopefully the task will be less challenging. .

                                    You can win a ring like this. .
                                                 Or like this. .
                                         Or like this. .

 How might you win this you ask? All you have to do is post how you would wnat your ring to be if you were to win. First to post wins. Ready? Go!

Thank you for reading. Please come again soon. I'm gonna go eat a brownie now :)