Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hi, I have a suggestion for you. If you like to read. And you like romantic comedies read The Lauren Holbrook series By Erynn Mangum. AAAAmazing :) I giggled and cackled the whole way through. And I do mean the whole way.

My sister comes home today with her homework. She has something for my mom to look at.
Miranda- I have something for you to look at.
Mom- Ok, come here.
*Mom looks at the computer trying to figure out someting*
Miranda- Um, Mom.
Mom- Yeah, one sec.
Miranda- Stay on task Mommy!

She almost lost her living privileges.

*Listening to wonderpets* Yes, we live with Dora,  Diego, Wonderpets, and Dragon tales constantly playing. The wonder pets' song sticks like a booger you can't pick. That quote is not mine. I just heard it today. I think it was actually on someone elses blog that my mother reads. Either way, I love it and it will forever live in my quote book.
Miranda- Vivian's Lenni, Mommy's Tuck, and I'm Ming- Ming!
Mom- Um, No thanks.
Me-  Are you calling me a pig?
Miranda- No! A guinea pig!
Me- *Faking sad face* It's still a pig. .
Mom- Ooooh. .
Miranda- No! You're a. . . . SKINNY PIG!!!!

My icecubes almost came out my eyeballs I laughed so hard!
I had ice cubes in my mouth by the way. I forgot to mention that. I don't just normally shoot ice cubes out my eyes like an ice princess. Although I like to seem ice princess-ey very frequently.

Today is my friend Isaac's birthday. I sent my ninjas to give him his beatings. He should be learning to drive soon. . Clear the roads!!!!!!

That is all. Be good. Be safe. And eat the green chips out of the bottom of the potato chip bag :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Bieber (That's how you spell it right?)

So, today is Justin Bieber's birthday. .I've been thinking. (Yeah I know. . Red flag. Don't think Vivian!) All along I have despised Justin Bieber. He just never caught on for me. I had a friend ask me why I despised him. . My mind went blank. Well, he does give me the heeby jeebies. (Idk how to spell that) But I have no reason to not like him at all as a person. I mean, sheesh. I don't even know him.
There was a superbowl commercial he was in. . It totally bashed him. He won a little of my respect for being in a commercial like that. It says a lot that he can laugh along with what's been said about him.
Someone said he used to sing in church and that's how he was dicovered. I wonder. . I mean TRULY wonder if everyone had left him alone where he would be now. He could be a young christian singer.
He could be a perfectly nice guy . . I guess what I'm saying is that I should not  have judged a book by it's cover (which I do at the library as well. . I can't help it.)
I'm not saying I'm now a fan. I'm NOT. I don't think he's particularly cute and I don't like his voice or his songs. Not even "Pray". I don't think it should be up to Justin Bieber to show us that it's not right that people are starving and homeless and hurting. It's all in God's word. Why's it take Justin Bieber to get everyone's attention?
I don't like his music because it makes girls seem like pieces of meat that we aren't. What's that song he sings to a girl in every concert? The one about no more lonely girls? Yeah, it's not particularly special to be chosen for that. It's routine.
I don't know if his music or his image is a true reflection of who he is and I guess I shouldn't judge by that. So, today I have given up despising Justin Bieber. Emma, if you read this, it does not mean I love and adore him as you do :) And I won't listen to his music willingly. I suppose in a round about way I am apologizing to the image of Justin Bieber in my head that I have been so rude to. . . Hah. I'll give the little guy a break.

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I'm so pathetic.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Birthday Bieber. . .