Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good pudding

My phrase for the day is "The proof is in the pudding". I found it in my quote book. Yes, I have a quote book. I have a book for everything. Anyways, this little phrase got stuck in my head. I never really thought over the meaning. I just thought it was cute because it had the word pudding in it. .  Note to self: Think about stuff like this phrase before you mindlessly write it in your notebook. It's best to think of the meaning before you consider it a favorite.
So, here I am now, actually thinking about this little phrase. To me it sounds like we may look like something you want to be (aka the pudding) on the outside, but on the inside we're someone totally different.(Like the proof in the pudding) We may look like fantastic pudding to everyone else, but when everyone gets to the inside are we chunky and gross? Are we just wearing a mask to cover up who we are? I want to strive to be the pudding God wants me to be. Outside AND in. I heard these song lyrics, "Who you are is not what you do". Do we just play along as if we're someone we're not or do we act with honesty and a true heart after God? I want my proof IN the pudding as well. I don't want to just look good. I want to strive to be good pudding. Those are my thoughts. Sorry if this was strangely cannibalistic.

Quotes from my sister dearest:
 *Reading a bible verse*
Miranda- An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips Proverbs 24:26 *makes funny face* Ew. . Why not a kiss on the cheek or hand?
Me- Miranda, it's supposed to be a good thing!
Miranda- Well, that's gross. They should make the bible more kid friendly.

Haha I love her.

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spaghettios and hotdogs

Hi, I'm eating spaghettios and hotdogs because my spaghettios lack meatballs. I love spaghettio meatballs. They should just can those. Forget the spaghettios.

I beat my brother in HORSE yesterday. The basketball game. Not the make believe kid game.

So, I made these black bean brownies. . You have to puree the black beans. That is repulsive. And the noise it makes when you pour it out of the container. . . Ugh! BUT, it turned out very good. I put half sugar and half sugar substitute. Not as fudgy as last time though. . I'm think I'll add applesauce. . And lower the cooking time so it's less cakey. . The middle is the best part in this one, so naturally the middle piece was cut out first. I did that because I was home alone and no one was there to stop me. . :) I can be so naughty at times. .

I had a weird dream last night that I was looking for a dress to wear to church Sunday. .  Well, the place we went to had no mirrors and my mom couldn't come so I had to depend on the opinion of my Dad and brother (You can see where I'm headed eh?)  because I couldn't see myself. . Well, after tryin on multiple dresses they chose one. . We get to church and I go find a mirror. . Bad news. I ended up in a knee length dress with sequins at the top and the bottom exploded with HUGE purple feathers. . And it had wings! Thank goodness I woke up.

I think this all came from the whole fiasco of me getting my prom dress. . You see, I went to try them on the night before the day of half price sales so that I could choose and my mom could get them in the morning. I went to my babysitting job the next morning and my mom went to get the dresses. . She texts me and tell me the dresses I chose weren't there, but she got something else. . I asked what she got. She said pink, sequins and fluff. Three things I DO NOT do. Needless to say I'm scared sillier than usual. I get home that night and Chad bring me the bag. . It's the two dresses I chose. THIS WAS A PRANK. Turns out that my brother had texted me all that and my mother and boyfriend played along. NOT FUNNY. Traitors. .

Well, I need to go brush my teeth. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Long time no see!
So we just had Valentine's day. .
I don't particularly have an immense liking for this day of the year. . I know a lot of people don't like it, but for me I don't dislike it because it's "single awareness". It's because so many singles are OVERLY aware. It turns into the day of 'Why don't I have a Valentine?' and 'I hate being alone.' That's what gets me about this day. You're not alone. God is always there. You don't need a signifigant other to  be complete. Not on Valentine's day or any other day. Lots of time single-ness is seen as something like a punishment. . Single-ness is a gift! There's so much more you can do when you're single. You can go on foreign missions and not have a signifigant other back home to worry about. You can focus on God more and not have so much of the other person occupying your mind and distracting you. Why should your life be consumed with looking for 'the one' when God is The One and Only One. Everything else will fade away when you pass. He's going to be there, always. God didn't give you life to devote it to searching for your true love in this life. He gave you this life so he could show how much He loves you. He wants your whole heart. He can't have your whole heart if you are clinging to things that are or things that could have been or have been. Don't give your heart to anyone but Him. He'll take care of it better than anyone.And when you do meet the person He has planned for you to spend the rest of your life with you become one heart yearning to live for and please Him together.
Valentine's day and every other day should be focused on Him. God sending His son to die on  the cross was Him coming to us and asking us to be His ETERNALLY. That is His gift to us. The gift to choose to be His because a gift that's demanded is no gift at all. It's a gift of love.
You know what this means? Every Valentine's day is a HAPPY Valentine's day.

This is not my video. No copyright intended.
Beloved- Love song from God.
". . Death shall not part us. It's you I died for. ."

Have a great day.
Thanks for reading!