Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Congratulations! It's a. . .

So, I just went to edit my account and my gender was set as "not specified" . . So, just for the record. . It's a girl!!

World Changers

Hey, sorry it's been so long since my last post! Things have been crazy!! We had VBS one week and worked at a camp the next and then fourth of July weekend. Busy busy busy. .
Now, in my last post I promised more about my mission trip and now (finally) I come bearing more!
I only have notes from the second night and somethings have faded so please bear with me. . I'll share as much as occurs to me at this time. . i tried journaling while I was there, but there was never time. Hahah. 
My crew that week was amazing. We were actually paired up with another group that was awesome as well. Our crew name was the Shingle Bells. . . Needless to say there was a lame parody to Jingle Bells going on. . :P
We worked on a man's roof. He had four layers of shingles. All different colors. . Black green, red, white I think. . Yeah. Shingles are heavy. Super heavy. I was clean up. I don't get on roofs. . So, I liften many many shingles while cleaning up. I got some MONSTER muscles now ; )
The man whose house we worked on was awesome. He was so thankful. And not just thankful. He got up on the roof and helped work. The first day I didn't even know he was the home owner. I thought he was just another worker. And a great worker at that. He was a Brother in Christ and he was just so awesome to work with. He was so selfless about everything. I can't even really describe it. .
We also had a crew encourager who was awesome. She wasn't over peppy and fake. You could tell she had a heart for Christ. She was very honest. She was tired and hot (as were we all) , but she just had this happy giving spirit about it. She was so awesome.
Our crew leader was a very sweet man. He was such a hard worker and good instructor.
A lot of my time in the week I was thinking about me. . What do people think about me? Am I thinking too much about me? Um. Duh.
Later that week the pastor called a family up to the front before service. This family had been working with us all week. Big family. Some Extended family, even the baby. (Who was absolutely ADORABLE) They all came to work with us that week. What I didn't realize was that my crew leader was part of this family. Not only did they come and give their time, but our crew leader's uncle (I think) was very very sick. . So sick that they didn't know if he was going to make it. . And the family came to work anyways. . But they didn't just come work. they came with happy hearts. Worked hard. Loved a lot. They didn't complain.
They were so selfless. I was just in awe. This family was just so amazing and full of love. That was God totally opening my eyes and revealing my selficenteredness (Is that a word? Well, it is now.) 
That was the biggest thing I learned . . Just how often I/we think of ourselves.
I am so thank ful for my crew that I had and the staff and family that gave their time to be there to minister.
You can be a World Changer
Shining a light for those in danger
Sharing the love of our Lord and Savior
You can change the world
You can change the world

The school we stayed at was super nice. The boys were on the second floor and girls were on the third. No elevators. It was too risky because there could be no purple.
Boy(blue) + Girls(pink) = Purple
So, not only do us shingle bells have MONSTER arm muscles, but us lovely ladies have fantabulistic legs.
Soreness was kind of unavoidable. . I know my friends and I went up and down those steps around 10 times a day probably. .
Oh, and the kitchen staff was AMAZING. They made this chocolate cake that was incredible. . Chocolate cake with creamy chocolate icing and white chocolate drizzled over and white and milk chocolate  shavings on top. Wow. Oh wow.
They also made these HUGE double cheeseburgers. . My friend Isaac ate 1 and 3/4s burgers. Insane.

I'm watching hoarders. . They are fixing to put this dog to sleep(And not the gonna wake up soon asleep). . So sad. So so sad.  It's her son's favorite. . Aww. . no. .
I gotta go. . It can't get sad and depressing on here. .

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