Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's been going on.

My brother is out of town this week!! It's been great. I admit, I don't miss him. It's been oddly silent and I can live with that. He'll be back Sunday. He's at a basketball tournament thing. He's supposed to be playing. If he doesn't get play time Imma get some people. . . . Well, yeah. Anyways, After we dropped him off at his friend's house Monday we went to the Boys' Ranch for a girls' day! Ironic right? I think I got pretty good pictures considering my lack of photographing skills. Well, the animals made them awfully cute and entertaining!

                                                     Baby sheep!!!
                                                        Horses sound funny when they eat.
                                                              This horse was really pretty.
                                                           And then it made this face!
                                             This was the miniature pony, Shorty!

                                                                The sheeps!!

                                                      All the animals and their babies!!
                                    The cute little chicks that I was too slow and wimpy to catch!
                                        This is a wedding present my mother and I made.
                                              This was a knit bracelet idea I found on pinterest!
                                                          I'm making a camouflage one next!

We are going to a hats and tea party at my church next weekend and I intend to go turtle hunting this weekend if the weather will cooperate. . So we'll see how that goes :)

Til next time!

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