Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bread making, turtle catching, and Name That Turtle!

Hey Everyone! Things have been extremely busy lately, but now I am finally here to post! We had a lovely Easter and I hope you did as well! We went to my papaw's house and ate, hunted eggs, and played pool (sort of). The roses at his house were beautiful!

                                                      And this is my beautiful little cousin, Piper!

                                                       She was absolutely loving the bubbles!
My Papaw also gave me an almost brand new bread maker! I was absolutely stoked! I have been dreaming about bread makers ever since I knew they existed! For my first loaf of bread I simply made a classic white bread. It was SO good.
                                                                       The Bread!
                                                                  The Bread Maker!
                                                                   Me and my bread!
The bread maker also makes Pasta! I LOVE PASTA!!! Yeah, bread makers are great :) Just so you know.

Now, this is a very important point in my blog. It is something I am OBSESSED with and IN LOVE with. Turtles.Guess who went turtle hunting!!!! This girl! Went about 2 weeks ago.We found one and my daddy loves me so much that he took his socks and shoes off and went in the pond and caught it! We went home with one turtle that day! This is Baljeet!!

Now, naturally we thought that he needed a friend. So, the next week we go for more turtle hunting! Daddy, Chad, Isaiah and I all went. The first hour we hunted it was a little too cool for turtles to be out. We didn't have much luck and only saw one or two. Then, a little while later I hear Chad and Isaiah shouting,"Woah, yeah bruh! Sweet!" and I looked up to see their lanky selves attempting to dance. They caught a turtle! The littlest turtle I ever saw!

Isn't he the cutest?! Chad claimed him as his turtle. I think that's fair. He was completely covered in moss when we found him. It was gross. How could such a young turtle be covered in so much moss? Now he is much cleaner or something. I don't know if you could consider a turtle "clean". After that, they left to take Isaiah home. Now, considering I had gone turtle hunting twice and caught nothing I felt that I needed to prove myself. And I REALLY wanted to catch a turtle. So, In the thirty minutes they were gone I caught two turtles!
This one is nameless along with the teeny one.
I don't know why this picture has such an odd angle. But yeah, it's cute anyways!
And then I caught this one! Molly!
So, these are our turtleses!! I just love them.
Just in case you didn't notice We lack the names for two of them. That's where you come in with name suggestions! You can help name this one
                                                            And this one!

 Obviously i can't turn the pictures right or something, but yeah. Haha. Thank for for reading and please comment name suggestions!!

Vivian :)

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