Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blogging. I haven't done this in a while!

Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year!!
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!
Happy Valentine's day!!

I have failed to post for all three of these holidays. That is sad. Ever so sad.
I have been very busy lately.

Gift making took over my life. I made jewelry, food, and wall decorations from clay. Then, I broke half of the wall decorations and started over after I cried. The next ones worked much better.
But, all together I had a very lovely Christmas!! We also were attacked by exploding enchilada trays!

Evidently this is a very common affliction.

This is my brother and my boyfriend. Chad picked a fight with Curtis who was holding a meat cleaver. Chad reached over and grabbed his weapon of choice, the spatula. .

New Year-
I went to Gatlinburg with some friends! It was very extremely fun.
BUT (there always must be one) There was a MOUSE!!
Alright, so it's the first night we are there. All is well. We go to bed. My friend Patricia and I wake up about an hour later to this HORRID screeching. It's coming from the window. So, we leap out of the bed    and she was all like,"What do we do?!" And I was all,"GET THE GROWN UPS!!" And she says,"No! We don't want to wake them!" Me-"I'll wake Caitlin!" *Insert me dashing across the room* "Caitlin! Wake up! There's some CREATURE in the window!" *Insert everyone in the room waking up* Caitlyn's all,"Wake up my parents." OKAY! So we dash through the living room and into the kitchen where we run into Christian and Lee. Me-"There's a creature in our window!!" So, they march into the room prepared to take on this screeching beast. Then Curtis wakes up. Next time I'm attacked by some screeching creature in the night I WILL NOT call on him for help. He was so stinkin' grumpy. I prefer the screeching beast to my grumpy boyfriend. ANYWAYS. They guys are in there beating on the windows and the wall trying to see if it will scurry out. It didn't.  So, they came out and told us that there was a loose outlet and that's probably how it got in the wall. Real comforting right? So they tell us to just go back to bed because the screeching stopped. Patricia and I went into the room and moved the bed to the other side of the room with our heads at the foot of the bed, Then, we checked and shook out the sheets, banged on the wall, zipped up our suit cases and cut out the light except one lamp because we were too scared to have them all off. As we closed our eyes to attempt sleeping the beast started scratching and squeaking. We could hear it moving along the wall. It sounded like it was going towards the outlet where Emily was sleeping. Patricia and I started speaking panicked gibberish sounding somewhat like."Emily-- rat-- it--wall-- AHHHH-- OUTLET-- SOUND!!!" Emily sits up and shouts,"I'm coming over!" and leaps about 5 feet from her bed to the bed her sisters were in. And we slept in fear for the rest of the night.

BUT other than a very frightening sleepover with the screeching beast the trip was great and there were no fatalities! The creature did not present itself throughout the remainder of the trip.

We also brought in the New Year in Gatlinburg. they still had the lights up and it was so pretty. I have a few pics, but I had an awful camera with me so not many turned out. . Here's one. .

                                         Yeah, that's pretty much all that turned out of the lights.

For Valentine's day Curtis and I went out on a double date with our friends Patricia and Christian. We went to IHOP. I had coupons! :) I made Curtis some peanut butter fudge. He left it in my fridge. then became daddy and Curtis' fudge even though I made my daddy a pan all his own.

This is my Valentine's day present. Flowers and a bear I named Charlie Brown. Because he looked like a Charlie and he is brown. :) He's cute and awful soft. I really wanted to name him Charlie Dink, but everyone beat me down to the point that I surrendered to Charlie Brown.

Now, I am one spring break and all the kids are home. Oh, joy. Miranda also has a friend over. So far we've had a grumpy Brent throw the laptop screen back to far and break both hinges and a hysterical Miranda thinking she swallowed an ant after which she cried for a good half hour. I kindly informed her that a human swallows three spiders while sleeping in the average human lifetime. The point of telling her that was for her to realize "Oh, at least it wasn't a spider!" But I don't think that's what she took from that fact. . I've also learned how to knit and this morning I tragically reached the end of my yarn RIGHT BEFORE binding off. Now I have to go to the store and find that same yarn so that I can finish my neckwarmer. Not that it really matters because it's practically summer anyways, but you know. . Yeah. .
We went to team basketball parties a couple weeks ago. Here's some pics.

Oh, and Chad broke the truck windshield. With his knee. How? Oh, you know. The brilliant 14 year old boy thought it would be smart to climb over the top of the truck to get into the bed to hide while they were playing hide and go seek. While he was in the action of climbing he hit his knee on a small crack that was already there. That crack isn't small any more.

 He also dented the hood. See?

And this is the compact story of what happens in my daily life. . Tune in next time!

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